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  • How do I create healthy habits?
    Create a system - and ritual - that you love. This system can always change if it's too much work, if you don't like aspects of it, or if you're ready for more. plant52 can help you create a couture system designed for numero uno - you. We teach the ABCs of healthy habits and living: Activate - your innate systems and a new commitment to yourself; Basic - the key to keeping your new habits reasonable, easy, and sustainable for the long run; and Care - we help you create a custom care kit that you adore.
  • How do I start?
    Start with breakfast - if you're on a weight loss journey, eat oatmeal with fresh berries and little bit of maple syrup or brown sugar. If you're simply on a health journey, try sourdough toast with a smear of avocado topped with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and/or sprouts - sprinkle with salt to draw out those beautiful flavors! Don't eat breakfast? Start with the first meal you eat and keep it simple, abundant in whole plant foods, and consistently eat that each day this week. Drop me a line and tell me a bit about yourself - I can point you to reliable resources (from experts) or recommend one of our helpful guides. ✨
  • What's the healthiest diet?
    Apparently we humans can be healthy eating a variety of different diets as long as it includes a lot of whole plant foods. Luckily, there are 300,000 edible plants on the planet!
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