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    Weekly Meal Plans

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    • Seasonal, whole food, plant-based weekly meal plans
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Congrats on leveling up your health!

Or maybe you want to 'smell the roses' or just stop to think - both equally excellent.


PLANT52 is here when you're ready for positive change. 

Transitioning to a plant-based diet is a real commitment especially if you've always lived on the standard American diet (also known as S.A.D)! So, I get it - I've been there. 

When we nourish our bodies with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber that come from mother nature (and limit heavily processed and toxic foods) we get healthier, and our bodies do what they're naturally programmed to do - thrive. 

PLANT52 is the solution to if you want to learn about, and maintain, a plant-based lifestyle; improve your health; and aren't afraid of getting into the kitchen to prepare delicious foods to control your health.

You deserve to feel better. And as a bonus, when we take care of ourselves, we positively influence and change the well-being of our friends and family. Personally, that's my main motivation. My most important job is to take care of this little cutie!


What's driving you to change your health? 

(Ping me with your questions, comments, thoughts on life.)

Jamie  ✌️💓