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plant52 is a new way to learn how to master your personal self-care with the power of plant-based nutrition.

As the founder and General Manager of our wellness club, Jamie is here to show you how to get closer to your natural state - a place where you feel your best because your body is thriving.


Eating well leads to excellent physical, emotional, and cognitive health. With over a decade of experience in the plant-based space, Jamie loves sharing what she's learned from the experts as well as from her personal experience because she knows how much it can impact someone's life and future.


This is a space where judgment is suspended and supportive connections are made over our shared love of food!

Jamie Ryder

Certified in plant-based nutrition, Jamie is an inspired home cook and loves to empower others through nutrition and food education. She loves to eat and has cracked the code on how to love eating whole plant foods. 


Alison Zamora

Certified mindfulness and nervous system regulation coach, Alison loves to help ambitious people reach their goals authentically through radical self-inquiry, mindfulness, and deep rest.


Marlene Loyo

Certified yoga guide extraordinaire, Marlene has been teaching yoga for over two decades. One of her superpowers is her ability to teach her students how to be fluent in their bodies.


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