A Change For Good

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

After a lifetime of eating a predominantly Western diet, I ventured into plant-based nutrition and experienced incredible changes.

A lot happened in the last few years - I moved to a new country, married an incredible partner, went plant-based, got healthier than I had ever been, became pregnant, and had a beautiful baby girl.

What drew me to the plant-based path were severe illnesses in my closest family and friends, urging me to learn and to act. What drove me to becoming plant-based was to avoid dying prematurely, to stay alive and healthy for my husband, and before trying to conceive, I wanted to go through the detox of a lifetime - especially after my own lifetime of very unhealthy habits.

My early research on nutrition only led to confusion and uncertainty, until I landed on The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and the Plant-Based Nutrition course.

This changed my life.

The best thing I learned was that for the most part our genetics do not determine our future; we can control our health and our lives. And this knowledge was incredibly empowering.

That was a turning point and I started to take ownership of what I put into my body.

Some of the noticeable benefits I gained from a plant-based diet:

  • Healing of long-term eczema within three months

  • Weight loss of 15 lbs over five months

  • Healing of chronic bronchitis in four days

  • Within a single week, greater endurance and quicker recovery after workouts

  • Improved eyesight within a year - my prescription improved by an entire power!

The longer I stayed plant-based, the more incredible the changes were.

Change can be hard, but entirely worth the effort. Just let the benefits speak for themselves.

After having our daughter, I went back to eating my old favorite foods like real (meat) cheeseburgers and pizza. As a result, I was feeling awful for months, not being able to recover from a seemingly common cold. Though I don't believe everyone needs to be 100% plant-based, for me personally, I know I need to be almost entirely plant-based to feel at my best again. And even baseline healthy.

I'm on a mission to level up my plant-based habits by adding more whole (versus processed), seasonal and varied foods into weekly meal plans to keep things consistently plant-based and nutrient-dense. 

Whether battling illness or simply improving your well-being by adding more greens, beans and grains into your diet, my hope is that you reach optimal health. This site aims to encourage and inform you about the benefits, and sometimes life-saving knowledge, of plant-based nutrition.

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