March 16-20, 2020 Meal Prep

Updated: Mar 17

It's gonna be another interesting week and I'm staying hopeful that we'll keep things under control to get over this stat.

In the meantime, here's my plan of attack.


  1. Whole Food Plant Based sauce + cook pasta - want flavors to meld, will also be Sunday linner (lunch+dinner)

  2. Cook super grains for easy weekday mornings

  3. Make some pancakes for easy weekday mornings

  4. Roast and/or steam veg for lunch bowls

  5. Wash greens to keep them fresh all week long (and quickly make the above salad)

  6. Make pesto for bowls + a weekday dinner

  7. Optional: portion out daily smoothies in small ziplock baggies


  • Food processor (bolognese, pesto)

  • Stovetop (pasta, grains, pancakes)

  • Oven (roast veg)


I'll be on our private Facebook page to prep - Sunday! xo


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