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take care of your body
your body will take care of you

Learn the art of feeling great with whole plant foods.

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- Fasting guide -

Detox and heal - naturally - with a DIY fasting mimicking diet

allen, CA

“I've done the Prolon packaged version of the fasting mimicking diet several times, but it just can't compare to the fresh food recipes that Jamie had arranged to duplicate the nutritional macros of the packaged version. I enjoyed the fast, I loved the food and felt it was much easier to accomplish than the packaged Prolon version. The daily conference with Jamie and the rest of us fasters was fun and informative. Thank you!”

Kristy, IL

“I highly recommend investing in the 5-day reset program and joining the fasting circle. Jamie provides an easy and well-organized road map for the 5-day reset. In addition, the fasting circle provides a supportive and informative community as you navigate the 5-day reset. It’s very helpful to have guidance, support, and share tips along the way. Along with the reset, Jamie provides guidance on the refeeding process for maximum benefits."

Marina, NY

"I bought a 5-day reset a while ago but couldn't start it. However, when Jamie reached out to me I thought it was a sign. One of the biggest insights for me was the realization that I actually eat more than I need. During the reset, I felt lighter and had more energy. I loved the yoga 🧘‍♀️ Nidra session a lot. It helped me to connect to my body. It's a great experience to clean your body and mind.
I wish I could take time off and join all the online sessions. It was a lot of information, personal experience from Jamie and motivation. I will definitely do it again."

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about us

Welcome! I'm Jamie Ryder - a wellness advocate, Mom, home cook, and founder of plant52.


plant52 exists to help you enjoy eating more whole plant foods to prevent chronic pain and stay well.

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