Transform into a healthier version of yourself


PLANT52 brings joy to plant-based food 🎉

There's compelling evidence showing the benefits of eating less animals and their by-products, and eating more whole (vs processed) plant foods.

We help people transition to a plant-based diet and simplify it through weekly meal plans (the secret to making this as easy as possible!), recipe inspo, & coming up, a brand new course on taking you step by step through this empowering transition. 

We believe in comfort foods - ie living with joy 🥳- and credibility (certified in plant-based nutrition and a true believer from years of personal experience).

My little fam is what drove me to clean up my health. 

What's driving you? 

Jamie + Elle Ryder 

Sharing recipe inspo and simplifying plant-based nutrition.


When I first went plant-based, it was really tough. I realized I was battling an addiction to food 😩(to meat, cheese and eggs - my favorites!) New habits needed to be formed and it started by eating plant-based during the week, and eating whatever I wanted on the weekends.  🍔🍟

Over time, I didn't want to eat any meat on my 'cheat' weekends since I felt terrible afterwards (congestion, my eczema immediately flared up and I generally felt like absolute crap), so I went completely plant-based and never felt better. 


I understood that when we fuel our bodies with the right stuff, it simply functions as it should - like superhumans. I lost weight; recovered remarkably faster after workouts; looked younger (!!!); and the most amazing change was my eyesight improving - my eye doctor lowered my prescription by an entire power. And these are just some of the changes, on top of regularly getting compliments. 😍

Science shows us that our bodies are exceptional at healing themselves - we just need to set the right environment for them to do what they naturally do.

And meal planning is the secret to making sure we're consistently getting the healthiest food into us, so we can feel our best.


P L A N T 5 2:

  • Incorporates a winning best practice for meal planning

  • Includes comfort foods that we already know and love

  • Is especially helpful for those new to plant-based nutrition

When I first transitioned, I filled my brain with knowledge because it was both fascinating and frustrating that this information isn't widely known (I started off knowing nothing!) It was inspiring to learn more, and the knowledge made it much easier to say no to harmful food that over the years leads to chronic illness. The biggest hurdle for me was knowing exactly what in the world to eat which is why I've shifted my career to empower anyone interested with the ability to transform into a healthier version of themself.

What Exactly Do We Eat?

Simply put - comfort food. We eat sandwiches and burgers, noodles of any kind (Italian/Asian), tacos, pizza, delicious soups, salads that aren't depressing, smoothies (they allow us to get half of our daily nutrients in one cold, tasty drink), fruit and more.


Plant-based nutrition transformed me into a completely new human. I believe I was able to conceive and have a healthy baby girl because of the power of plants. And because I've had a lifetime of really bad -  and fun 😬- habits, I want to maintain the good ones so I'm around for my family for as long as possible. My mission in this chapter of my life is to share this superpower with others - the superpower of healing yourself, your family, and your friends.

Become a Plant-Based Expert

In 2012, I got certified in plant-based nutrition by T Colin Campbell's Center for Nutrition Studies. This is a professional course created and managed by bio-scientists, professors, and experts in their fields of work. I never expected it, but it changed my life (and helped my friends and family in ways I still can't believe). I also completed Dr. John McDougall's The Starch Solution certification which is another excellent resource. (That course is being offered for FREE right now btw.)

It was challenging learning this content as someone who isn't science-y, so I love to sum up the most amazing things I learned about the human body.


PLANT52 isn't about being 100% perfect. It's hard to be 100% of anything but it's awesome doing your best, which means giving it everything you've got. The payoff far outweighs the work you put into it.

Cheers to positive change, healthful new habits, and living a full life with the power of plant-based nutrition.  ✌️💓